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The annual financial statements are more than a mere snapshot of the past. They provide valuable insights into the asset, financial and earnings position. When preparing the financial statements, we place particular emphasis for your benefit on clarity and a forward-looking approach, as well as tax optimisation, structuring and planning. During a detailed year-end discussion, we determine our client's individual needs with regard to information and provide the necessary information and interpretations that can help you to achieve tax and business advantages in the future.

  • Annual financial statements for all forms of enterprise complying with national (Austrian Commercial Code) and international (IAS/IFRS) standards
  • Cash basis accounting
  • Private foundation accounting
  • Balance sheet presentation
  • Financial statements complying with the Banking Act
  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Business analysis
  • Costings
  • Preparation of all tax returns
  • Tax control and optimisation
  • Benchmarking (both internal and relative to sector)

Martin Weninger


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